Minimal Requirements for using Critical Web Reader

To use the Critical Web Reader software, your institution must provide the following:

  • A reliable internet connection that can be accessed from teacher and student machines.
  • Computers used by teachers and students must meat the following criteria:
    • The Critical Web Reader can be used on personal computers running Microsoft Windows  or Mac OS.  Tables and other mobile devices are not currently supported.
    • The following web browsers are supported: Internet Explorer (PC), Chrome (PC or Mac), Firefox (PC or Mac), Safari (Mac)
    • Javascript must be enabled on the browser. (To determine whether javascript is currently activated on your browser and for instructions on enabling javascript on various web browsers, please see: )
  • Security provided at the school-level (e.g. through firewalls) and at the machine-level (e.g. through virus scanners). CWR is  not responsible for adware, spyware, or other malware that may reach user’s computers when loading third-party websites via the CWR tool.

Please note:

It is important to review an activity,  including all web sources using the “View as Student” option before assigning the activity to students.

  • Some web-sites do not load correctly within the CWR .  If you create your own activity, verify that all of the web sources load correctly when brought up within the CWR frame.
  • Some web-sites are not accessible in certain countries.  If you are not in the United States and plan to use one of the model activities, please verify that all of the web sources are accessible.  If not, you can modify the activity and substitute other web sources.
  • The web sources viewed through CWR are on live websites. They are NOT copies of the original material. Therefore, what is displayed may change over time.  For example, the creator of the site may update or replace the material or the site may be taken down.
  • DELVE Learning is not responsible for content changing on the website between the time that the teacher enters the URL and the time that the student sees it. Anything that is normally displayed at the URL included in the activity will be displayed, including advertisements. The CWR has no control over what advertisements or other information is displayed on a given page. Children using CWR may also move away from the sites provided within an activity by clicking on links within the site itself or in banner ads. Therefore, ensure that any web sources you include will not link to undesirable content.
  • Your school’s firewall may restrict what sites can be seen at your school.  If a site cannot be seen outside of the CWR, it also cannot be accessed within the CWR system.  If you work on your activity from home or another location, please verify that activity at school before assigning it to your students.

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