Model Curriculum

Our pedagogical framework guides teachers with curriculum design, inquiry-based instruction & use of online sources.

Along with this framework teachers can use to develop their own activities, the DELVE team has created a set of ready-to-use curricular resources.  These include:

  • A set of Common Core Standards-based lenses (scaffolds) to be used with a range of web sources.  These lenses:
    • Address critical reading and analysis skills
    • Develop literacy skills
    • Develop conceptual understanding
  • Engaging model activities on topics that can be used directly or modified by teachers. These activities are designed to be cross-disciplinary and could be incorporated in classroom activities in a range of subject areas, such as Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, Science, or Health.

The team will also periodically create timely activities that may be especially engaging to students. For example, in Fall 2012, a set of activities relating to the Presidential Election were created.  These address the Common Core Standards for College & Career Readiness and can be integrated into Social Studies or Language Arts curricula.

See descriptions of some of our model activities.

Student Viewing Current Video