The Team

James Damico, PhD, Co-founder

James is the co-creator of the Critical Web Reader. With Mark Baildon, he also leads the curriculum design and professional development dimensions on the project. James’s areas of expertise include critical reading, inquiry-based teaching and learning, content area literacy, and working with new texts and technologies.

Mark Baildon, PhD, Co-founder

Mark Baildon is the co-creator of the Critical Web Reader. With James Damico, Mark leads curriculum design and professional development on the project. Mark’s areas of expertise include inquiry-based social studies education, social studies education in global contexts, and 21st century skills.

Marisa Exter, PhD, Director of Design & Development and Lead Curriculum Designer & Instructional Specialist, STEM education

Marisa manages the software design and development for the CWR, as well as providing support in curricular design and research. She is also taking the lead on developing activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) topics.  Her interests include design education and the design of educational software.

Gabrièle Abowd,  PhD, Lead Curriculum Designer & Instructional Specialist, Visual Culture & Art Education

Gabrièle brings her expertise in visual culture and the arts to the DELVE Learning Curriculum Design team. She also brings her experience as a high school and middle school teacher, a museum educator, and a practicing artist to her work.

Purshottam Vishwakarma, Lead Developer

Purshottam has worked extensively on Microsoft Technologies before joining CWR development team. He is currently working on enhancing and developing next version of CWR. His research area includes Web technologies, Programming languages and Distributed computing.