For the past ten years, we have heard these comments from teachers over and over again.

“Most of my students seem to just believe whatever is posted on the Internet. How can I help them evaluate the credibility of a web page on a consistent basis?”

My students are definitely more tech-savvy than I am, or likely will ever be. But when it comes to careful reading of web pages, they struggle a lot. They like to just fly around through sites when they get on the computer. How can I get them to slow the reading and evaluation process down?

“I’d like to use the Internet in my classroom but I’m not comfortable just turning my kids loose on the Web! How do I even get started?”

“I know I need to find ways to better integrate technology into my curriculum, but I’m already pressed for time as it is. I just can’t add something else on top of what I’m already doing.”

DELVE Learning exists to address these concerns, among other concerns related to learners and teachers becoming more successful with 21st century information sources.

Our vision is for all learners to become independent, proficient thinkers readers, and writers — especially when it comes to working with information sources on the Internet.

Our goal is for all students to be able to skillfully:

  • Evaluate any web page
  • Discern credible, accurate info
  • Better understand complex texts
  • Develop literacy and thinking skills
  • Enrich subject matter knowledge
  • Monitor and direct their own learning

Teacher and Serious Students